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The Evans Building Group is grateful for the kind words of our customers...


"We have had the pleasure of working with Tom Evans during and after the construction of our town home in South Bend.  Tom is hard working, dependable and trust worthy and working with him has truly been a pleasure.  His quality of workmanship and overall direction of the project was excellent. In addition, he has been helpful above and beyond the call of duty.  We have truly enjoyed working with Tom and would recommend him with confidence."

Ray and Kim Celedinas

"The Deck is awesome and so are you!! We will have many wonderful memories to build thanks to you! Also thank Joe & your Son. It was great working with all of you!"

Bill & Rhonda

"Your work is excellent and I appreciate all your efforts to get this done so fast."

Craig Kapson

"A contractor with many sources of good subcontractors is the Evans Building Group led by Tom Evans.

Fifteen years ago we met Tom when we were building our home in South Bend. He was
the project foreman overseeing the construction. During the 10 months of construction we came to know that Tom was a person we would call on for any future needs.

Over the ensuing fifteen years, we have had Tom consult and assist us with several
projects. Recently, Tom again directed our efforts and led us through a replacement of
our roof. He selected a subcontractor who not only did a professional roofing, hut
protected our extensive landscaping associated with our residence as well. This was all done under Tom's watchful eye.

The essence of a professional contractor is determined by the planning and preparation of the job--a trait that Tom handles very welL In fact, no matter what changes you
encounter during construction, and we had many, Tom responds, 'Don't worry, we can
do that.' And he did.

It is comforting to have the Evans Building Group ready and willing to assist us with a
timely response to problems and the feeling that the problems or project will be
completed with quality workmanship and timely service."

Dick and Jean Dennen